Introze Help

Questions & Answers

How much does Introze cost?

Short answer: $0.20 cents per student.

Introze works on credits, and each credit covers the cost of collecting and storing the introduction for 1 student.

You can purchase credits in increments of 25 for $5 (which works out to $0.20 cents per student).

Can I try Introze for free?

Yes! The first 25 credits are on us, so you can try Introze for free and make sure you like it before buying any credits.

Will I waste credits if students drop my course?

Once you add a student's introduction, there's a 14-day “add/drop” period during which you can drop introductions and have the credit refunded to your account.

Too many credits: What happens if my course has fewer students than anticipated?

Credits don't expire, so you can always apply them to your other courses, including ones in future semesters.

Not enough credits: What happens if my course has more students than anticipated?

We'll continue to accept your students' introductions, even if you run out of credits. Once you refill your account, you'll be able to see the new introductions by adding them to your roster.

What happens to my students' introductions after the semester ends?

Currently, nothing happens— we will retain your introductions for your reference, even after the semester ends.

In the future, we will add an archive feature that lets you download a copy of your students' introductions that you can keep forever, independent of our servers.

Until that happens, though, your student's introductions will always be available, just as they were during the active semester.

Can I get a proof of purchase in order to get reimbursed from my department/institution?

Yes! You'll have access to downloadable receipts for all credit purchases from your Account page.

Is there a charge to create a course?

Nope! You can apply your credits to any of your Introze courses, so you should create a new course for each one you’re teaching.

How can I use Introze in a course taught by multiple instructors?

In the future, we'll add a feature that lets a single course be accessible by multiple instructors. Until that happens though, we suggest creating an Introze account for the group, and sharing those login credentials with the instructors involved in the course.

Is my student's information private?

Absolutely. Introze was created by instructors, and like you, we care about our students’ privacy. Only you can see your students’ information, and data is never shared.